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About us

For over a decade PLANTON offers scientific expertise in research & development on biotech products and services

The industrial progress challenges the biotech sector continuously. For example: the need for sustainable and efficient manufacturing systems, the development of more sensitive analytical methods and the ongoing demand of new and innovative but consumer-safe products. Therefore, as a biotech company, our philosophy is to be always one step ahead to provide our customers with the maximum of innovation and quality in product and service.

Our aim is to create trust by performing quality assurance with our highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art techniques. The creation of value of a product is accomplished by innovation, high quality production means and safe characteristics. Our reliable analytical services support the production chain at every step to guarantee a high-grade product.

Speed and precision in execution, reliability of the results, and a fast and direct communication to the customer are the important steps to achieve our main goal – customer’s satisfaction. As a result, we are ensuring safety for the quality of your product.

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