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Drug Development


A growing threat to human beings are microbes resistant against a wide range of classical antibiotics. About 17 million people worldwide are dying every year because of infections. The number might increase if no efficient new drugs will be developed. Meanwhile, multiresistant microbes (e.g. MRSA) have spread around the world and no existing antibiotic is able to fight them.

Anti-microbial Peptides

The rapid evolution of resistant microbes overcoming antibiotics presently on the market makes the development of new innovative antibiotic drug candidates necessary. PLANTON’s product focus is antimicrobial peptides (AMP). These antibiotically active proteins expressed in human epithelia as a part of the innate immunity are effective against a broad spectrum of human pathogens (e.g. multi-drug resistant bacteria, fungi and viruses).


PLANTON has developed an efficient recombinant production system to produce and purify recombinant human AMPs in technical quantities. Therefore, biological active AMPs in high quality and large quantities can be generated and applied in clinical studies.

Clinical Development

Currently, the first human AMPs are under clinical development, focusing on different indications (e.g. atopic dermatitis, lung infections and burn wounds).

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