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Allergen Testing

We use three different methods to determine the content of each allergen in your sample: ELISA, PCR and enzyme assay.

  Limit of detection (LOD)    
Allergen ELISA PCR Enzyme assay
Crustaceans 1,0 ppm    
Gliadin 1,5 ppm    
ß-lactoglobulin 0,115 ppm    
Peanut protein 1,5 ppm    
Chicken protein 0,044 ppm    
Hazelnut protein 1,5 ppm    
Almond protein 1,7 ppm    
Histamine *    
Casein 0,24 ppm    
Sesame 0,2 ppm    
Mustard 0,06 ppm 10 copies  
Celery   10 copies  
Soy 0,28 ppm 10 copies  
Lactose     0,01 %

*: dependent on type of sample
ppb = parts per billion (equivalent to µg pro kg)
ppm = parts per million (equivalent to mg pro kg)

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